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Vintage 2019. A dry dinner wine made in the French tradition, oak-aged with well balanced fruit and acidity to complement any food. No residual sugar.

Vintage 2019. A great sipping wine with the fruity flavor of the fresh Riesling grape. Residual sugar 2%.

Dry Cayuga White
Vintage 2018. Lightly oaked and off-dry, a versatile table wine that's easy to drink by itself or with food. An everyday alternative to Chardonnay. Residual sugar 0.7%.

Cayuga White
Vintage 2018. Semi-sweet and completely delicious. Now in a beautiful blue bottle. Residual sugar 4%.

Sweet Old Lady (Aunt Clara)
An old Lakeshore favorite, our proprietary semi-sweet blend featuring the delightfully fruity flavor and aroma of Catawba, one of the native American grapes. Residual sugar 5%.

French Kiss
Vintage 2010. Our newest wine - a sweet Chardonnay! This is truly one of a kind. Oak aging gives it a complex flavor so it's much more than just sweet. Reminiscent of late harvest wines and even sherry. Bottled in splits (375 ml). Residual sugar 10%.
$9.95 (375 ml)


Dirty Old Man (Uncle Charlie)
An old Lakeshore favorite. Features the fruity flavor of Catawba grapes, but less sweet than most natives and most blush wines. Residual sugar 1.8%.

Dockside Blush
Vintage 2015. Our version of a Rosé or White Zinfandel - light and slightly sweet. Residual sugar 3%.


Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage 2008. Our favorite variety is back. Classic Bordeaux-style dinner wine. Complex flavor, rich in tannins. An excellent keeper. We only make this one in good years - 2008 was a great one. No residual sugar.

Vintage 2010. Our first ever vintage of this wonderful grape. A rare find in the Finger Lakes. Rich and full-bodied, with softer tannins than Cabernet Sauvignon for a dry but smooth taste. No residual sugar.

Cabernet Franc
Vintage 2015. Completely fermented on the skins. Full-bodied, oak-aged and bone dry with lots of fruit and tannin. No residual sugar.

Pinot Noir
Vintage 2014. The classic Burgundy-style dinner wine - dry, light and complex in flavor. Also great with just about any cheese. Will get more and more interesting with age. No residual sugar.

Baco Noir
Vintage 2017. Excellent value in a dry red dinner wine. Oak-aged for a complex, full-bodied taste. Our most popular red wine. No residual sugar.

Red Hot Mama / Rocking Chair Red / Rudolph the Red
Our semi-sweet red wine, just for fun and relaxing in front of the fire. Available with three different labels for every day or special occasions. Residual sugar 3%. See the new label for Red Hot Mama and our long-time favorite for Rudolph the Red!

Lakeshore Winery Label
Our old boat dock, as pictured on most of our wine labels.
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